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Who is it for?
The program is designed for employees who are experiencing burnout with work overload and are in a state of confusion on their own values and visions. It provides participants the experience of restructuring their personal life and career objectives through a reconsideration of their values and visions. Generally, the program is provided as a company-wide mindfulness program or specified for employees in a promotion list.

What is it?
“It seems like the workload has suddenly increased along with a sense of responsibility.”
“If I can find a true respectable role model, I would like to ask about the path and direction of life that I should take.”
“I respect the company vision, but it is difficult to find my personal vision from it.”
Life program is an indoor board game program with 5~6 players as a team. Experiencing life in the 30s, 40s, and 50s within the game, participants experience a variety of events and issues that may occur in each period of real life. From such experiences, participants can reflect the life values, factors of true happiness, etc. Above all, as LIFE connects the actions and outcomes throughout different life periods, the participants can reflect on their actions per each round and see how those actions have developed into new opportunities and potentials. In addition, the participants can review and share the review sheets written individually and as a team to share insights.

How is it organized and operated?
The program consists of a total playtime of 4 hours with 3 rounds (30s, 40s, and 50s). Each round, the player chooses the factors of happiness that will be the primary goal for each period of their life. Through the gameplay, the players search for their essential concerns and answers to the path of life. If the follow-up workshop is designed for self-leadership, job crafting, change management, self-branding, etc., the whole L&D program can be structured with a total runtime of 5 hours to 2 days.

What can you experience and learn?
Through virtual life experiences, the participants can think and plan out the life and career path in advance that synchronizes with their value of happiness. Looking at life as a whole, the participants can discover the meaning of work and its impact on the entire life and establish a mindset that can align with personal goals and company vision. This helps participants to shift their perspective from focusing only on the present toward looking toward the future so that they can reflect on “why” they work and induce changes in the perspectives on work and life.

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add. 06222 6F Arena Bld., 425, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
tel. 82 2 545 7234     fax. 82 2 545 6230
mail. info@theplaycompany.co.kr
Corporate registration number. 592-86-00430
CEO. Yoon Jung Kang

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