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Our proudful contents are 100% self-developed.

For more than ten years, the/playcompany has successfully executed countless diverse projects for various clients. the/playcompany owns intellectual property to all content and consulting portfolio created to date, as all of our products were originally developed through in-house research and development.
Multidimensional online & offline content architecture design is one of our biggest strengths, which covers an expansive spectrum of diverse formats – from general indoor training/experiences to “Big Games” that are played outdoors or at a specific location, and also multiple IT-based platforms, applications, videos development & production that leverage the Digital Transformation era.
For more information regarding the rest of our portfolio that are not uploaded on the website, please contact us directly for online or offline introductions. (info@theplaycompany.co.kr, 02-545-7234)

Content Creation

There are three types to theplaycompany content creation process, namely “Custom”, “General” and “General-Custom” content.
First, “Custom” content figuratively indicates content that is developed 100% optimized and customized to address the clients’ needs and requests. One of the key advantages are that the content strongly reflects the organization’s situational context, language and issues – making it stand out completely from generic training content you can see in any company. Development leadtime is usually around 2-3 months. the/playcompany has created countless success cases in this arena, covering diverse topics such as organizational understanding, core values, employee ideal, way of work, innovation issues, organizational conflict, all-employee training and executive training.
The second type, “General” content, covers most frequently requested training topics such as leadership, collaboration & teamwork, strategy, creative problem solving, communication, negotiation, conflict management, change/performance management, self-leadership and motivation. All of these contents have been proprietarily developed by the/playcompany and have been utilized for various training and workshops. Key advantage of General content is that the content is already developed and produced, making it possible to purchase training material and full package (workshop material, execution guide and facilitator training) immediately.
The third type, “General-Custom” content, is when certain parts of the General content are slightly modified to be customized to our clients’ specific needs. Good examples are changing only the Situation Card texts or changing the theme story slightly to be more similar to the organization and does not include big structural changes to the general content architecture. Key advantage is the reduced cost and development time of less than 1 month, therefore making it a beloved option for many of our clients.


Workshop/Training Facilitation

Utilizing our proprietary educational content on diverse topics such as leadership, collaboration, strategy, creative problem solving, communication, negotiation, change/performance management, self-leadership and motivation, the/playcompany offers execution, facilitation and management of trainings and workshops.
Unique in its format and unlike typical one-directional trainings, the/playcompany workshops and trainings are structured to be interactive, participatory learning experiences, where trainees and trainers actively interact with each other. This means that in most cases more than one trainer is required, with one main facilitator and multiple sub-facilitators acting as a team together.
We also avoid inflexible, “menu-style” curriculum that is often found in other training companies, and instead focus on customized curriculum recommendation that is optimized for our clients’ needs.


Experience Design & Gamification Consulting

theplaycompany offers consulting services based on Learning Experience Design (LXD) and Gamification theories. We have designed and created innovative solutions for not only Human Resource Development (HRD), but also for areas such as Hiring & Recruiting Management (HRM), Organizational Culture, User Interface Design in Online Platforms, Employee Experience Management, and User Experience Design in B2C Marketing.


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