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Who is it for?
It is an online platform-based (application) program intended for any members of the organization regardless of position or department.

What is it?
First, ‘Quest’ refers to a mission that must be explored or solved in the game. The Quest-learner program is a Quest PBL (Quest Project Based Learning) method that avoids traditional lecture-style teaching method and provides a learning platform with structured learning & development plans that utilizes a problem-solving method and content-oriented learning.
Therefore, strategically designed gamification techniques can be utilized to effectively deliver organizational issues to employees and enhance their self-directed learning experience.
In the Quest-learner program, trainees do not receive unilateral teaching from instructors but learn from their own experiences. Learning comes from not just inputting information, but by actively interacting between teams and team members, facilitating learners’ motivations and interests.
In the Quest-learner program, a small group of 5 to 6 people teams up and schedules their journey of learning. Through the R&R settlement, the team experiences a problem-solving process including data collection & analysis → problem recognition → problem identification → solution development → evaluation. Within this process, self-directed learning and cooperative learning are emphasized. In addition, learners will be able to cultivate various competencies such as problem-solving, deep thinking, critical thinking, communication, and collaborative skills.

How is it planned and operated?
Quest-learner is 100% customized content. Since each organization shares different L&D goals and visions, consultation on the transformation and development of quests from learning content is necessary. Based on the learning contents that were conducted in the organization’s existing L&D curriculum, the transformation & development process is held to create quests that can be formatted and inputted into the online platform.
Quest-learner includes various types of quests such as general quests, fixed quests, instant quests, team formation quests, survey quests, subjective evaluation quests, qualitative rating quests, etc.
Trainees can access the Quest-learner application using their smartphone, tablet PC, or laptop. Quests (individual quests/team quests) that are distributed every day can be scheduled and completed under an individual’s will. It is self-directed learning with a nudge of learning objectives. Most of all, it is an online system-based learning program that requires minimal staff input.
Even L&D courses with few hundred trainees can be easily operated with just 2-3 managers.
In addition, results of all quests can be collected, analyzed, and evaluated for the HRD department, with review points be automatically generated daily for trainees. Therefore, learners can show their capabilities proactively and directly receive the analysis of their actions within the platform. Therefore, in the Quest-learner program, each trainee can see and refine their own L&D direction through self-reflection, self-awareness, mutual feedback, and cooperation.
In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, where convergence and cooperation are important, one can never produce outstanding results by him/herself. It is crucial to think differently, don’t be afraid of failure, and learn how to cooperate with others.
A number of corporations are already conducting training courses using the Quest-learner platform. Details and examples on quest development cannot be shown due to contractual issues; for more information, we can provide details via phone, online, or meeting inquiries.

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add. 06222 6F Arena Bld., 425, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
tel. 82 2 545 7234     fax. 82 2 545 6230
mail. info@theplaycompany.co.kr
Corporate registration number. 592-86-00430
CEO. Yoon Jung Kang

© 2022 theplaycompany all rights reserved