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KB Kookmin Bank PRISM


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Who is it for?
This program is designed specifically for KB Kookmin Bank branch managers and reserve branch managers. Each run can hold 80~150 participants.

Why was it designed?
PRISM program was developed and designed with the aim to internalize the KB Leader’s Way, a leadership behavior guide that provides accurate and desirable solutions for a leader, to the participants. As a leader of the branch of a bank, participants must solve various hypothetical situations that they are likely to experience in real life. Throughout the process of making decisions and implementing actions as a leader, the participants will understand the meaning of leadership and learn various ways to develop solutions for a variety of problems that may arise in real-life situations.
All themes, stories, missions, and scenarios of the program were customized based on the actual data and terms used in KB Kookmin Bank to maximize voluntary motivation, learning outcome, and immersion of the participants. Also, as the program was intended to cover a large number of participants in a single run, a big game genre was adopted to effectively operate multi-order and large-scale activities. For fluency in operations, we developed and provided a standalone online system (including master control page and data analysis platform) along with an independent application optimized for KB Kookmin Bank.

How was it developed and how do you operate it?
The program consists of total playtime of 4 hours with 4~6 players in each team that will be divided into two different groups during the playtime. Tablet PC is provided to the participants for the use of the application.
In PRISM, participants work as branch managers located in different countries to ensure the growth rate of the designated branches. In order to perform an action, the management of energy, competency, and motivation of the employees in different parts (i.e. individual sector / company sector / VIP sector) is crucial. In PRISM, a desirable leadership figure is someone who manages members wisely (i.e. through capacity development, coaching, feedback, etc.) rather than focusing only on performance management. The program is designed to facilitate understandings of leaders in different branches that the employee management is naturally linked to the overall performance of the branch.
Also, after the game ends, ‘KB Leader’s Way 7CODE Action Graph’ is generated within the application based on the analysis of the decisions and actions that the participants have made throughout the playtime. Based on the analysis and report, the participants can review and provide feedback to each other. A review workshop is provided to establish action plans and discussions on different behaviors and behavioral outcomes. The analyzed data can be used as the internal data to establish future L&D direction and planning of an organization.

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add. 06222 6F Arena Bld., 425, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
tel. 82 2 545 7234     fax. 82 2 545 6230
mail. info@theplaycompany.co.kr
Corporate registration number. 592-86-00430
CEO. Yoon Jung Kang

© 2022 theplaycompany all rights reserved